Hiya Hiya SHARP Small Set

Set Needles

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Wonderful HiyaHiya Sharp Small Needle Set

HiyaHiya interchangeable needles are made of high-quality stainless steel and feature swivel connections with flexible cables and lifting holes. The seams are almost invisible and the finish is smooth without being slippery.

This set includes 7 sets of needle tips

2.75mm - US2
3.25mm - US3
3.50mm - US4
3.75mm - US5
4.00mm - US6
4.50mm - US7
5.00mm - US8

4 cables 18 ", 24", 32 ", 40"

Keys and Grips to tighten the tips.

Set compatible with Hiya Hiya tips to have additional numbers.

Small cable connectors come as a gift in this set.

* The shade of the case may vary slightly depending on the season.