Hiya Hiya SHARP Complete Set

Set Needles

USD $215.000

Wonderful Hiya Hiya Sharp needle set. Limited edition.

HiyaHiya interchangeable needles are made of high-quality stainless steel and feature swivel connections with flexible cables. The seams are almost invisible and the finish is smooth without being slippery, the sharp points make it the ideal needle for knitting increases, decreases and more complex stitches.

This limited edition set includes 13 sets of needle tips

2.75mm - US2
3.25mm - US3
3.50mm - US4
3.75mm - US5
4.00mm - US6
4.50mm - US7
5.00mm - US8
5.50mm - US9
6.00mm - US10
6.50mm - US10.5
8.00mm - US11
9.00mm - US13
10.00mm - US15

4 Small Cables 16 ", 24" 32 "and 40"

Also includes adapters for small and large straight needles, 10 knitting markers, scissors, 3 wool knitting needles, adapters for large to small cable tips, Large panda stoppers, small glass stoppers, small and large cable connectors, keys to adjust the cables

The Hiya Hiya sets do not come with the Large cables, but thanks to the adapter you can easily use the needles with the small cables. Large cables can be purchased separately.