Set interchangeable needles for socks

Set Needles

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HiyaHiya interchangeable needles are made of high-quality stainless steel and feature swivel connections with flexible cables and lifting holes. The seams are almost invisible and the finish is smooth without being slippery.

Each Game brings:

2mm 5 "SHARP Interchangeable Tips

2.25mm 5 "SHARP Interchangeable Tips

2.5mm 5 "SHARP Interchangeable Tips

2.75mm 4 "SHARP Interchangeable Tips

3mm 4 "SHARP Interchangeable Bits

2 Cables for socks 60 cm

1 Cable for socks 80 cm

1 Cable for socks 100 cm

1 Set of adapters for Sock Needles

1 set of grips

1 Set of torque wrenches

1 case

The adapters for SOCK needles, allow to use HiyaHiya needles from 2mm to 5mm.