HiyaHiya Needles

HiyaHiya Needles

We wanted to tell you a little more about the amazing HiyaHiya needles. We are currently bringing two lines of the brand, Sharp and Bambú. Knitting is characterized as a therapeutic and enjoyable craft, but the poor quality of the needles can make the process very frustrating and boring. A good quality pair of needles provide precision, speed and comfort. HiyaHiya pays constant attention to quality and innovation.

HiyaHiya is a small family-owned factory located in Shanghai, which mixes engineering and technology in both its design and manufacturing processes.

The Sharp line is excellent for delicate patterns with many decreases or small gauge projects. Made of stainless steel they have great resistance and durability. They are the most pointed needles on the market.

Bamboo needles are injected with a resin that strengthens the core making it much more resistant and flexible than traditional bamboo needles.

The interchangeable HiyaHiya needles in addition to the classic locking keys, come with a pair of rubber grips to help screw the needles with the cables easily. Preventing a tip from unscrewing. In addition, the cables rotate on their axis, which also prevents unscrewing.

There are 3 size classes of Mini, Small and Large cables, but with an adapter that allows larger gauge needles to work with smaller cables, which gives great versatility and almost imperceptible joints, making the knitting experience somewhat soft and nice.

We have a wide variety of interchangeable sets, complete sets, SMALL size needle sets and LARGE size sets, as well as different lengths of 4 "or 5" needles according to taste or requirement.

As an extra piece of information we tell you that HiyaHiya has innovated by designing straight needles from interchangeable needles, which means this, that with a pair of interchangeable needles, by adding an adapter, and a stop, you can use them as straight needles if you need it. All in one.

Be encouraged to try them because we are sure you will not regret it.